Harley VROD and Yamaha VMAX comparison test

We face two monsters with legendary names and surnames, which are characterized by the powerful acceleration provided by its flagship engines. ¿cruiser style? Yes, but do they intend to accelerate like an R?
Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle VRSCF



American built
The latest addition to the family V-Rod comes with an aesthetic that reinforces their sense of power. Share chassis and engine with the V-Rod and Night Rod Special, but increases in volume as you would a culture even more intimidating.


Absence of vibrations
Low noise
Overall Comfort
Linear Motor


Basic Suspensions
Handling not adjustable
Heat zone around legs
Petrol cap


Yamaha Vmax
The Return of the Myth

Will never be a best model, but the Vmax name became an icon in the world of two wheels. This new version, the Vmax of the twenty-first century, is one of the motorcycles that have made rivers of ink to run before being shown to the world.


Sensitivity of accelerator
Quality suspensions
Motor brutal


Refueling cumbersome
Maneuver while stationary 



Throughout the years we have repeated ad nauseam that the road is not a means to vent a practicing aggressive driving, and every time it will be less due to the increasing volume of traffic and the insistence with which the politicians we point out that radars are like the Indians of the western, which should always remember the cowboy thing «if you see one, is that there are a thousand hidden.


In addition, we increased the overall crisis in many decades, and waste energy is reaching obscene matter. In a context like that, do you accommodate two new models that cost what a good car, they spend gasoline as if generated generous crop fields and can provide accelerations of rocket, but at ground level, despite having weight 50% higher than any of half-naked high cylinder? Before contemplating its beauty would not be stopped. After careful to note their close finishes, a frown. And after testing, one has the feeling of being privileged for having been in contact with a couple of copies of a motorcycle that will be in danger of extinction, but it is wonderful and will go down in history as a myth.


The real time machine

Yes, you know, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. That must have thought the Americans who designed nearly a century of career acceleration, carried out with anything that has wheels, regardless of quantity. As are our bikes, we have only to look at racing dragsters that take part in the vehicle with Hayabusa turbo, or HD Screamin ‘Eagle Destroyer kit with nitrous oxide, for example. In this type of career fits perfectly invited either, but despite this there are two excellent bikes, with their pros and cons, but perfectly usable in the day to day.


It is true that the power of the Harley Muscle is about half of that generated by the Vmax, with double cylinders, but it’s more than enough to leave behind the rest of the vehicles along the neck, in outright acceleration. The position in which it welcomes the driver with a very low seat, feet and hands forward very open, increases the feeling of power. The air goes to the chest, shoulders and helmet so hopeless, so the sensations are achieved even greater than can be derived from what the speedometer. Leave the clutch drag slightly (hydraulic drive and remarkable smoothness) and are splicing with precision and speed with the help of the belt. The thrust is constant, and we must watch the tachometer that rises to the scheme are not expected from an engine if the Company has not had previous contact with another component of the V-Rod. Their joy is given because his career is very short when compared with the 1200 cc Evolution a Nightster, for example, whose dimensions are 88.9 x 96.8 mm for each cylinder, instead of 105.0 x 72.0 mm that we find here. Compression is high for cubicaje (11,5:1), but even so you can use 95 octane gasoline without any problems.


LIKE a catapult

The Vmax brings another dimension to acceleration in a straight line. If one is raising that will not succumb to the temptation to close the throttle as feel more kick in the rear of the brain can handle, you should move quickly from first to second and second to third. And it is not because the bike has no gears to push short, but because of rising regime at a speed that no one can expect of a more cube motor that the vast majority of the utilities of gas. In any event, to feel that acceleration freezes the blood just opened in third from bottom at all and the huge convoy come forward as if it were a catapult.


 Translated from www.solomoto30.es spains leading bike publication

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