Yamaha VMAX resale value 2013

yamaha vmax

The new VMAX launched in 2009 and which has received rave reviews is holding its second hand value very well compared to other Japanese models. The V Max Raw power, raw attitude makes it a big hit with second hand buyers of motorcycles. Some 2009 and 2010 models of the Yamaha Vmax have only lost around 20% of their sticker price compared to 50-60% loss of other models from Yamaha sold in the year.



The VMAX is a muscle bike extraordinaire with many talents. Owners cannot fail to be impressed by the physical presence but the performance figures are immense too, and that V engine just gets better as the miles role by. It feels as though the bike really frees up at 20K and the full power o the engine is finally felt. The torque of the engine is also what VMax owners cherish, the low down grunt is just incredible.

Furthermore, insuring an older 2009 or 2010 model, essentially identical to today´s bikes bar a few color changes, is running at low insurance premiums for third-party insurance making this bike accessible to a younger crowd than the market the bike was initially intended.



The dark and sinister look of the Yamaha VMax wins hearts with females also, the bike is perfect for couples or singles dating with its plush rear seat and comfortable riding position for both rider and passenger.

All in all, the Yamaha Vmax, released again in 2009 is proving a venerable machine, holding its value well and keeping owners entertained every time they ride.

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