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2008: The rebirth of a legend

During the late 90’s Yamaha’s VMAX project team started to work on the rebirth of a legend. The team understand just how special the original VMAX is to its owners – as well as those fans who admired the bike without ever riding one. The project team identified a set of four goals that would […]

The legend continues

1985: The birth of a legend Back in the ’80s the big V8 muscle car was the undisputed boss on the strip in the USA, and in both the car and the bike drag race scene, the large-capacity engine was king. A quarter of a century ago, cubic capacity ruled – and Yamaha captured the […]

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The Yamaha VMAX Buyers-Owners pack

As you all know, I have ordered the VMAX. As soon as it became available for order online I went onto the site and placed my order. Several grueling weeks went by during which, I simply assumed I had not ordered in time as I heard nothing then…. I got this box set through the post […]

2009 Star VMAX: Rebirth of a Legend MotorCycle Daily angle

If the redesign of the VMAX isn’t the most highly anticipated new product in the motorcycle industry over the past five years, I am not sure what is. After a long line of false rumors, the real thing emerged yesterday evening on the flight deck of the USS Midway in San Diego, California. An irreverent, […]

Speed limiter removal VMAX Yamaha

With the help of several members and our local dyno shop Sport Tech Cycles we have completed our endeavor of removing the 138 mph top speed limiter. Let’s jump to the results first. A dyno chart tells more than a 1000 words and for some reason seems to be accepted as ‘proof’ in parts of […]

2007 Yamaha V-Max devilish patents revealed

For those of you with a technical bent here are some of the original patent elements of the latest VMAX as submitted by none other than Yamaha´s engineers The patent drawings, taken from several patent applications regarding different aspects of the bike, show how the firm is developing the stubby exhausts of its 2005 concept […]

Vmax the legend continues outlined in this great article

Think about the bad mistake you could make seeing an Olympic shot put contestant in casual clothes at the bar. Looking big, bulky, and decidedly un-agile, you wouldn’t think he could do too much about you cutting in front of him. In truth, he could probably rip your head off with one hand, and then […]

Yamaha VMAX opinion by the UK´s Motorcycle News (MCN)

MCN overall verdict The V-Max is what happens when you mix 1679cc and nearly 200 horsepower in a motorcycle that’s one part cruiser, one part sportbike – and all parts thrilling. It’s difficult to explain just how quickly the V-Max builds speed. Cruise along at 30 mph in second gear, pick up the throttle and hold […]

Popular Mechanics take on the Yamaha Vmax

  The motorcycle horsepower wars   have been raging since the very first Yamaha V-MaxEnzo was born in 1984 (as an ’85 model). Back then the V-Max was rated at 145 hp—an astonishing number for the 80s. In many ways, the V-Max was the very first muscle bike. Yamaha paused production of the iconic power […]