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X-Pipe Exhaust for VMAX – Collector removed

Pretty difficult to ascertain if the sound is increased on this comparison test of both stock and X-Pipe fitted Vmax´s – The non stock certainly has a deeper bellow in areas but, the non stock also seems to be hitting the throttle earlier. You decide!

The VMAX wizards, Cannes Moto Services embrace the new VMAX

If any of you out there know anything about the original VMAX and, you´re outside the US, you´ll know that it was Yamaha France´s boss Jean-Claude Olivier who introduced the VMAX to the European market in 1986. Back in the early 80´s, while on a trip to Yamaha US, he had a chance to see […]

Yet more power..UFO VMAX Tuner injection modifier

More from the vmaxguru. It seems that he´s in the eternal pursuit of happiness (more horsepower..) This guy is simply great!!

Race ECU Results on VMAX 14 BHP more!!

Yet another excellent and informative test from the VMAX Guru Obviously tons of extra power in this bike over stock

Canadian Review of the VMAX

2009 Yamaha V-Max MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE   Almost a quarter century after the V-Max was launched, Yamaha has finally raised the curtain on the long-anticipated replacement for this cult -classic. It was a machine that was well ahead of its time when released, but as other machines progressed, it remained virtually unchanged. When we last tested the […]

VMAX + Scantily clad models – 2012 Warsaw Bike show

At we always aim to please plus, we take you to places that other blogs can´t reach. This time we´re taking you to freezing Warsaw and, more precisely, the Warsaw 2009 Bike show, there´s very little footage of the VMAX and sadly, instead of some fantastic Model chick sat on it there´s a sweater […]

US Bike shop with several New VMax´s for sale

Looks like this guy ordered several new Vmax´s. Maybe if you´re in the US he could reduce the waiting time?  

Travel websites for VMAX Lovers

These are just a few of our favorite websites non related to the VMAX

Motors TV – Excellent low down on the new VMAX

This is one of the best tests and detailled explanation of the new Vmax

LED Indicator Turn Signals For New VMAX

These are probably worth fitting to remove those yellow ones that are so «Thats what I call the 80´s»   Take a look on Ebay as I did….Can´t find anyone else who sells them