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Caracteristicas Tecnicas de la Yamaha VMAX (Español)

CARACTERÍSTICAS MECÁNICAS —     Tipo de motor 4 cilindros en V a 65º, 4 T, DOHC, 16 V   Cilindrada 1.679 cc Refrigeración Líquida Diámetro / Carrera 90,0 x 66,0 mm x 4 Relación de compresión 11,3 : 1 Potencia Máxima 200 CV / 9.000 r.p.m Par Motor Máximo 166,8 Nm / 6.500 r.p.m […]

Japanese Yamaha VMAX 2011 Video

  Japanese Version of 2011 Yamaha VMax promotional Video Sponsored By

Yamaha VMax 2011 Video

  Oficial Video of 2010 VMAX Sponsored by

MCN Short Video

Showdown: Yamaha V-Max vs Harley-Davidson VRSCF V-Rod

Harley V-Max vs Yamaha V-Muscle. Doesn’t sound right? Umm… well… V-Max vs V-Rod Muscle isn’t the first shootout most people would think of. And that’s probably because on paper, the Harley is comprehensively outgunned by the Yamaha. Mr Max is fitted with an almighty 1,697cc V4 that pumps out 200 horsepower at 9,000rpm and 167Nm […]

Yamaha Star VMAX Comparison 2010

Friday Night Drags The VMAX seems a purpose-built turn-key dragster, so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take it racing at our local Friday Night Drags. We put both the Max and Roadster through the paces down the quarter-mile at Champion Raceway where, without surprise, the VMAX took top honors. Ken ran a 10.56 […]

Yamaha Star VMAX Comparison

In the land of bigger is better, a motorcycle like the VMAX has a lot of pull – literal and figurative. The PR claim is a head-glitching 197.4 horsepower at the crank, so our test began in full once we rolled the burly Star onto the dyno Shop owner, Mickey, said it all after the […]