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VMAX blows the Hayabusa, R6, Old VMAX and all others in the weeds

  The new 2009 Yamaha V-Max made a whopping 184bhp at the rear tyre, and 116ft lb of torque. In numbers it has more torque than a Yamaha R6 has got in horsepower, and makes it more powerful than our previous best the Suzuki Hayabusa with 2bhp less. We put the bike through its paces […]

Australian Test of New VMAX

The Aussies give the VMAX head

VMAX + Scantily clad models – 2012 Warsaw Bike show

At we always aim to please plus, we take you to places that other blogs can´t reach. This time we´re taking you to freezing Warsaw and, more precisely, the Warsaw 2009 Bike show, there´s very little footage of the VMAX and sadly, instead of some fantastic Model chick sat on it there´s a sweater […]

US Bike shop with several New VMax´s for sale

Looks like this guy ordered several new Vmax´s. Maybe if you´re in the US he could reduce the waiting time?  

Motors TV – Excellent low down on the new VMAX

This is one of the best tests and detailled explanation of the new Vmax

What people think of the new VMAX

Sorry guys, all opinions are from the US on this one but you can post yours below…

Another promo video of the Yamaha Vmax

Not seen much of this video as a promo. Anyone know which market it was for?

See you next time – VMAX Yamaha

See you next time – The VMAX Speaks! Wonder if you could reprogram this message?

Onboard Computer VMAX Yamaha

Up close and personal with the onboard computer and diagnostics of the Bike

1st VMAX in Europe 5th December 2008

5th December 2008 – First VMAX in Europe