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Yamaha Official Wide Wheel kit 2014

  Yamaha VMAX blog has been testing the Yamaha Official Wide Wheel kit (240 series tire) for the past few months. When the 2014 VMax first came out, we immediately checked for clearance to see if a 240 + widened rim would fit. Soon after the launch Yamaha Europe announced at last year’s Yamaha dealer […]

Yamaha VMAX 2012 Update

  Yamaha V-Max 2012 is the kind of bike which should be on top of everybody’s wish list. It’s not so much the fact which it’s an awesome ride in itself, but the bike’s combination of advanced sportbike technology along with forward thinking style makes it a definite must-have.   Some people have had mixed […]

Yamaha V Max Hyper Modified

Yamaha has dipped a cautious toe into the custom waters: it’s specially made three top builders to work their magic on the venerable V-Max ‘power cruiser’. The V-Max has been around since 1985, so it’s due for a fillip-and that’s exactly what Roland Sands (USA), Marcus Walz (Germany) and Ludovic Lazareth (France) have provided. Although […]

VMAX Wide Wheel (240 Tire)

Want to mount a little more meat on your Monster?   High-quality, die cast wheel is the same design as the stock wheel with one exception; it allows for the fit-up of a 240 tire*. Wheel requires Wide Wheel Bearing Kit (2S3-F53S2-V0-00), sold separately. Bearing Kit includes bearings, seals, O-Ring, collar, screws, and valve stem […]

New exclusive offering from Cannes Motor Services VMAX Wizards

Some new stuff has emerged from the wizards at Cannes Motor Services the legendary VMAX specialists based in the Chic town of Cannes. Not to be outdone by their initial offering on these pages they have now released some billet aluminum wheels and engine cross brace. Plus a fake billet tank protector. Worldwide mail-order is […]

Akrapovic releases new muffler and collector for Yamaha VMAX

The now legendary Akrapovic exhaust maker has released its new muffler cans for the new VMAX. There is also a separate collector option which does away with the Cat box and all its weight. No performance figures have been released as yet but expect around 5% more from the engine due to better breathing characteristics. […]

Yamaha VMAX Color scheme customization

              Everyone appears to be offering customization but I feel the bike should be left as is with some minor color changes such as this. What do you think of this one?

X-Pipe Exhaust for VMAX – Collector removed

Pretty difficult to ascertain if the sound is increased on this comparison test of both stock and X-Pipe fitted Vmax´s – The non stock certainly has a deeper bellow in areas but, the non stock also seems to be hitting the throttle earlier. You decide!

The VMAX wizards, Cannes Moto Services embrace the new VMAX

If any of you out there know anything about the original VMAX and, you´re outside the US, you´ll know that it was Yamaha France´s boss Jean-Claude Olivier who introduced the VMAX to the European market in 1986. Back in the early 80´s, while on a trip to Yamaha US, he had a chance to see […]

LED Indicator Turn Signals For New VMAX

These are probably worth fitting to remove those yellow ones that are so «Thats what I call the 80´s»   Take a look on Ebay as I did….Can´t find anyone else who sells them