The VMAX wizards, Cannes Moto Services embrace the new VMAX

If any of you out there know anything about the original VMAX and, you´re outside the US, you´ll know that it was Yamaha France´s boss Jean-Claude Olivier who introduced the VMAX to the European market in 1986. Back in the early 80´s, while on a trip to Yamaha US, he had a chance to see and ride the VMAX which, at the time, was a US market only model. In his wisdom and upon his return to France he rallied Yamaha in Japan to allow him to import some of the US model VMAX´s to France. In fact, France was the first European nation to receive the original VMAX and the national following has been very strong ever since. So strong in fact, in the late nineties, more VMAX´s were sold to the French than in the whole of the US.

It is therefore predictable that a French specialist would capture the market with tuning mods, extras and performance upgrades. Outside of France only the most hardened VMAX fans know anything of Cannes Moto Services  based in the ritzy town of Cannes on the French Riviera. Needless to say, anyone who wanted serious upgrades to the previous model ended up at their doorstep. The amount of bespoke parts and off the shelf items was simply amazing. It is therefore not a unsurprising that Cannes Moto Services have concentrated hard on the new VMAX and even had a preproduction model to play with way before the official bike was released in June 2008, such is their status with Yamaha Europe.

We therefore bring to you some of the coolest and most exclusive parts for the new VMAX manufactured by this VMAX specialist. The prices may seem high but remember these are basically one off pieces and look like engineering works of art. Take a look!




Transparent Clutch Cover : 500 €
Transparent alternator cover : 1000 €
Transparent water pump housing : 440 €
Transparent Final Drive cover : 330 €
8 Cam Drive Covers : 250 €
2 Engine Mounts : 440 €
2 Swing arm covers : 65 €
Shaft Drive Cover : 130 €
4 Exhaust caps : 260 €
Front wheel AV 3.5 x 18 : 1 250 €
Rear wheel 7.5 x 18 x 240 : 2 000 €
Rear set gear and brake set : 500 €

This is how all the awesome parts look on the bike













You may want to contact these VMAX wizards if you´re looking to make a big difference to the image of the new Machine over stock.

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