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Yamaha Official Wide Wheel kit 2014

  Yamaha VMAX blog has been testing the Yamaha Official Wide Wheel kit (240 series tire) for the past few months. When the 2014 VMax first came out, we immediately checked for clearance to see if a 240 + widened rim would fit. Soon after the launch Yamaha Europe announced at last year’s Yamaha dealer […]

Yamaha VMAX resale value 2013

The new VMAX launched in 2009 and which has received rave reviews is holding its second hand value very well compared to other Japanese models. The V Max Raw power, raw attitude makes it a big hit with second hand buyers of motorcycles. Some 2009 and 2010 models of the Yamaha Vmax have only lost […]

Review to buying a Yamaha VMAX?

  The current VMAX Yamaha is the logical and surprising evolutionary result of a motorcycle created to break the mold. The unique features of this iconic beast are properly combined with advanced sport bike technology, that surprises most onlookers.   The visual presence and power of a VMax is only surpassed by motorcycles customized for […]