Yamaha Official Wide Wheel kit 2014


Yamaha VMAX blog has been testing the Yamaha Official Wide Wheel kit (240 series tire) for the past few months. When the 2014 VMax first came out, we immediately checked for clearance to see if a 240 + widened rim would fit. Soon after the launch Yamaha Europe announced at last year’s Yamaha dealer show that it would come out with a wide wheel conversion kit for the 2014 VMax.

The 240 is a visual treat for the new 2014 VMax. Its size and form give the backend of the new 2014 VMax an even more masculine look. Nothing touches a wide wheel 2014 VMax! In addition to looks the wide wheel conversion adds plenty of traction. Take offs at the local red light will become even quicker. The 200 hp 2014 VMax still has plenty of torque to spin up that 240, just a bit harder than before. And if you have seen a 240 wide rubber snake on the pavement, you won’t believe it came off a motorcycle.



the Yamaha Official Wide Wheel kit includes a High quality die-cast wheel of the same design as the standard wheel, but allows for the fitment of a 240 tire.

Handling of the 2014 VMax with the 240 installed is perfect. It certainly changes the riding characteristics of the bike, but most riders won’t notice after 10+ miles and stability and reliability are in no way reduced. While the 2014 VMax feels slightly slower going into turns, there is still plenty of curviness in it. Compared to other tire choices like the 210 on the OEM rim, the 240 is actually much better behaving. Most riders won’t go past the limits of the 240 and for those who enjoying carving up corners, the stock 200 for the once in a while hardcore knee dragging, can be put on without much hassle.