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Yet more power..UFO VMAX Tuner injection modifier

More from the vmaxguru. It seems that he´s in the eternal pursuit of happiness (more horsepower..) This guy is simply great!!

Race ECU Results on VMAX 14 BHP more!!

Yet another excellent and informative test from the VMAX Guru Obviously tons of extra power in this bike over stock

VMAX Video Suspension technology

This is a pretty cool concerning the suspension but nothing new on a technology standpoint I don´t think.

Yamaha VMAX Combustion Video

Is this a training video?

Yamaha VMAX Drive Train Video

Cool 3D video of the inner workings of the new VMAX

VMAX Throttle By Wire System

Pretty interesting Video on the throttle by wire or electronic throttle

VMAX Speed Limiter removed 168.2 MPH 270 KMPH!!!

168.2 MPH or 270 KMPH….Though this thing was restricted…

VMAX Maintenance Video – Speedo testing

I challenge anyone not to fall asleep watching this one…

VMAX 2009 Maintenance Video – Intake Testing

This video shows the awesome intake ducts

VMAX Tech Video – EXUP Testing

Everything you really didn´t want to know about your Exup valve…