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Yamaha VMAX Cruiser with power

  At the end of the decade of the 90s, the team Yamaha VMAX development began work on the revival of the VMAX. They knew how special it was the VMAX for their owners, and for all those who admired that bike even without having ever worn. The team scored four goals project is essential […]

Yamaha VMAX Power Riding

  So what about the 2012 Yamaha VMAX is a big on power bike with 1,679cc’s and 198.5 horsepower. It is the biggest, maddest thing Yamaha makes! At we have the 2012 model. It is in a matte black finish and is absolutely beautiful. It is the best looking bike we have on the […]

Yamaha VMAX 2012 Update

  Yamaha V-Max 2012 is the kind of bike which should be on top of everybody’s wish list. It’s not so much the fact which it’s an awesome ride in itself, but the bike’s combination of advanced sportbike technology along with forward thinking style makes it a definite must-have.   Some people have had mixed […]

VMAX Customization on steroids

Do you remember the Hyper modified draft of the Yamaha V-MAX? At that time 3 of the great masters in the world of personalization such as Marcus Walz, Ronald Sands and Ludovic Lazareth got to work to create as many units of Nippon really spectacular special model.   Now these great teachers were invited by […]

Yamaha VMAX Ghost Rider Nicolas Cage

    Returning to face evil, Nicolas Cage as the fiery anti-hero known as the Ghost Rider, in the new movie Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, released in 3D in cinemas on 17 February. Riding a ‘flaming’ Yamaha VMAX, Ghost Rider aka Johnny Blaze, definitely makes an impact on one of Yamaha’s most iconic motorcycles. […]

Ducati Diavel v Yamaha Vmax

  War of Titans is something that you would love when you see two muscular giants in the ring for survival of the fittest. This comparison has got the very first contender from Italy and other from Japan. Yes we talking about the newly launched Ducati Diavel and Yamaha VMax. Needless to say the name […]