Yamaha VMAX Cruiser with power

yamaha vmax

yamaha vmax


At the end of the decade of the 90s, the team Yamaha VMAX development began work on the revival of the VMAX. They knew how special it was the VMAX for their owners, and for all those who admired that bike even without having ever worn. The team scored four goals project is essential for the new bike was a worthy successor to the legendary original model.

• Awesome acceleration feeling together with high performance
• A precise behavior and distinctive
• A sophisticated chassis with unique aesthetics
• Regulatory compliance EU3


With these objectives in mind, the development team created a sophisticated and powerful 1,679 cc V4 engine brand new with 200 hp and 167 Nm of torque, combined with the most advanced electronic control technology for the engine, as the systems YCC-I and YCC-T. It also created a diamond-type frame low profile completely new engine that serves as a stressed member to offer the ideal balance of rigidity for excellent stability in straight – with great precision cornering behavior. All this combined with an attractive design and an imposing appearance.

The current VMAX Yamaha is the logical and surprising evolutionary result of a motorcycle created to break the mold. The unique features of this iconic beast are properly combined with advanced sportbike tehcnology, that surprises with its vision. The visual power of a VMax is only surpassed by motorcycles customized for competition. Wherever he goes leaves a mark.


At eighty-five, the original VMax turned the motorcycle world against him. He was born a creature capable of revolutionizing the concept of the bike, but in an almost hateful. Yamaha engineers took a big dose of inspiration from the spectacular film «Mad Max.» The DNA of George Mille (director of the apocalyptic movie), was evident in that controversial motorcycle. Probably, those little Japanese engineers could imagine that a motorcycle and get into a real myth.



The XXI century VMax incorporates a lot of technology, which makes it a luxury sport-bike. His legendary sound and motor with lots of character, make latent continue this incredible acceleration, which once held the bar high.

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