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Review to buying a Yamaha VMAX?

  The current VMAX Yamaha is the logical and surprising evolutionary result of a motorcycle created to break the mold. The unique features of this iconic beast are properly combined with advanced sport bike technology, that surprises most onlookers.   The visual presence and power of a VMax is only surpassed by motorcycles customized for […]

VMAX V´s Kawasaki 600N – Short comparison

IT’S tough out there. The credit crunch has crippled many businesses and forced commuters to readdress their methods of transport in an attempt to save some much-needed cash. These Kawasakis have been reasonably priced since their introduction four years ago. But for 2009, the Japanese have decided to keep the cost to buyers competitive while […]

Harley VROD and Yamaha VMAX comparison test

We face two monsters with legendary names and surnames, which are characterized by the powerful acceleration provided by its flagship engines. ¿cruiser style? Yes, but do they intend to accelerate like an R? Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle VRSCF     American built The latest addition to the family V-Rod comes with an aesthetic that reinforces […]

Ducati Releases pictures of Diavel muscle bike, the Italian company following suit after Yamaha´s VMAX release.

From none to four in the space of 6 months…!! It seems that 2009 will be the year of the muscle bike. The VMAX being the first bruiser quickly followed by BMWs K1200R (see below and now the Vyper. DUCATI ARE to launch a 1400cc muscle-bound street bruiser to challenge the Yamaha VMAX and Harley-Davidson […]

Vmax Vs Triumph Rocket III – The dual of the megacruisers

As Triumph started leaking hints and concept photos of the outrageous new Rocket III a certain feeling of deja vu settled over the hallowed Motorcyclist offices. We recalled the launch—and we do mean launch—of the amazing Yamaha V-Max 20 years earlier. The V-Max was the first real power cruiser, with a monstrous 145-horsepower, V-four motor […]